I do not think God exists
So, you're an Atheist, someone that does not believe in God, like the Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche or the author Richard Dawkins.
Nietzsche said "God is dead", but apparently God said "Nietzsche is dead". Who is right?
Nietzsche argued that it was senseless to claim a moral meaning in a world without God. Do you have a sense of morality? Of right and wrong? Of fairness and justice? Most people do. So, using Nietzsche's reasoning, there must be a God.
Some say that "design" within the Universe indicates a designer. You may have heard of the "Intelligent Design" movement (which isn't a Christian organisation), they simply state that design in the Universe points to a Creator.
Let's consider the design of one small thing like the honey bee's brain, compared to something that man has created: a super computer.
The honey bee uses honey as it's energy source and could fly a million miles on a gallon of honey, which isn't a bad fuel consumption! A super computer is huge, slow, inefficient, costs lots of money and must be maintained. It had to be designed, unless it was the result of an explosion in an electronics factory.
Bee's brain
Cray YMP90
1000 billion/sec
6 billion/sec
Energy consumption
10 micro watts
Many Mega watts
Self healing
Breaks down
Not much
2300 lbs
Conclusion :
The human brain is millions of times more complex than the honey bee's ... If you believe that the human brain is simply three pounds of chemicals that arranged themselves by chance over billions of years, then how can you trust your thoughts and the conclusions you come to? You're born, you live, you die, nothing more - that takes a lot of faith ...
If the Atheist is right and the Christian is wrong, there is nothing after death, no consequence. If the Christian is right and the Atheist is wrong, there is a very serious consequence after death. The Bible says "the wages of sin is death" (Romans 6:23) and this means Hell, which isn't a comfortable concept ...