Summary of the key points
The purpose of this website is to challenge you to put to one side what you think "science" has proven and Consider the Evidence without presuppositions.
Science is about observation, experimentation and evidence. Evolutionary theory is in conflict with the evidence and has not been supported by observation within the natural world. Evolutionary theory has also been exploded to a philosophy of life, seeking to explain the origins of the universe and the existence of all things. This is certainly not the domain of science.
The various models of the universe are all philosophical, and all require the exercise of faith. It takes faith to believe that there is no God, that all we see around us and feel within us is random and ultimately meaningless; it takes faith because these things can never be proven true.
Scientists admit there are major gaps and flaws with Evolutionary theory,

The age of the universe continues to be a key area of conflict between the models of Creation and Evolution. Evolution states the earth is billions of years old, yet a literal translation of the Bible implies it is only thousands of years. Understanding how we date stuff is important:

Archaeology confirms and supports the truth of the Bible
The Bible states that the universe displays the glory of God and the fine balance of the Earth was created as a home for mankind.
Finally, the central figure of the Bible is Jesus. In the gospel of Mark, Jesus asked "But what about you?" Jesus asked "Who do you say I am?", Peter answered, "You are the Christ." (Mark 8:29).
The same question is asked of each of us.
He claimed to be God. He was either a Lunatic, a Liar or Lord
Who do you say he is?