About the author
I'm a Christian. I believe in the God of the Bible.
I'm a Chemical Engineer, an analyst, with a passion for the truth.
The basis of my "world view" is the Bible. I think that life, the Universe and everything can be explained from this starting point. In fact, this can be achieved very simply, there is no need to get complicated.
I've been studying the issues of Creation and Evolution for the last 20 years, and I've come to the following conclusions:
  • Everyone has a bias - no one is neutral in their opinion.
  • The Bible is truth and science supports it.
  • Evolution is a philosophy, not a fact, or a scientific theory.
  • I'm not aware of any evidence that contradicts a young universe.
  • A lot of evidence supports a young universe.
  • A lot of evidence contradicts Evolution.
  • The model of Evolution is full of holes.

This may sound crazy but, on the balance of the evidence, and in faith, I believe that God created the universe in six literal days, just thousands of years ago (Young Earth Creationism ) because,
  • The balance of evidence supports this model
  • There is no scientific reason to discount it
  • The model reflects the character of God
  • The model provides a better explanation of sin and suffering

You can read my testimony at the link below,

Me, relaxing in California, Nov 2007