Young Earth Creationism
Young Earth Creationism means,
The model is based on a "literal" interpretation of the creation account in the Bible, the belief that God intended the biblical record to be read as history rather than poetry. This means that,
  • The Earth was created first, but formless and empty, not capable of sustaining life
  • God created the Universe within 6 literal days about 6,000 -10,000 years ago
  • He created different "kinds" of animals
  • He created Adam and Eve as the first humans
  • The world was a perfect paradise, with no death or suffering
  • Original paradise reflects the character of God - peace, harmony, order
  • Adam sinned - the original sin - resulting in the Fall of mankind
  • The Fall brought death and genetic mutations into the world.
  • The first actual death was the sacrifice of an animal to clothe Adam and Eve, to "cover" their sin
  • All humans descend from Adam and Eve
  • About 4,500 years ago God judged the world by a global flood that led to most of the fossils that we observe today
  • Two of every kind of land animal plus seven of every "clean" animal survived on Noah's Ark
  • After the flood, the animals dispersed and adapted to different environments through natural selection
  • About 4,400 years ago at the tower of Babel, God caused mankind to disperse across the world

God could have created Universe in 6 nanoseconds, so the question that remains is "Why did God take so long?"