The Cornerstone
Protein can be 2000 - 3000 amino acids long and if one amino acid is in the wrong place the protein breaks down. Hundreds of amino acids must combine to make proteins yet they un-bond in water faster than they bond. According to the Evolution model, life formed under water, which seems strange given our understanding of the nature of protein bonding.
There are many proteins in the Human body, we don't know how many, but it is estimated that the human body may contain over two million proteins.
There is one, called Laminin, that is present in almost every tissue of an organism. Laminin is a "cell adhesion molecule" holding the cell together and defining what it does.
It is the building block, the cornerstone, that holds us together.
Below is an electron microscope image of the protein Laminin and a scientific representation of its shape. Jesus is the cornerstone. He died on the cross for us, he was a Lunatic, Liar or Lord.