Like Begats Like
Genesis refers to vegetation and animals reproducing "according to their kinds" (Genesis 1:11-25).
A "kind" was originally a population of animal that could interbreed to produce fertile offspring, but couldn't breed with a different "kind". The Biblical word "kind" doesn't fit exactly with species, genus or family - but it is certainly at a much higher level than "species", as some species can interbreed - for example, cats are split into 28 species, but interbreeding is possible between two cat species.
Evolution states "like begats unlike", that animals evolved into completely different animals, such as fish into amphibian, or land animal into bird. This is sometimes illustrated in the "evolutionary tree of life" (see image to the right), illustrating that different animals have "branched out" at points in time, but all are related.

In contrast the Bible refers to different created kinds, which can be illustrated with the "creation orchard" (see image to the right).
Observations in nature support the creation model rather than the evolution model.
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